Work in Progress Week 2, Can you feel it now, Mr Krabs?


Moving on from my wireframes, I thought I work start to fill in the wireframe from the homepage before I started working on the other 5 wireframes.

I’m considering getting most of my images from here: and asking for permission from the Facebook coordinator and seeing what I get. I can always just get some placeholder images off of Flickr if I can’t get permission to use them.

Homepage Wireframe





The header is going to work like a gallery, where the image will rotate and the user can read more about the image. This will replace the average gallery AUT currently has on their website that looks … not great.

Now, to pick some topics and pictures to display here:

  1. Diversity Week

Diversity Week 06

2. Rainbow Youth

Diversity Week 05

3. 3D Lab @ AUT

3D Lab 02

4. Textile Design

Textile Design Lab AUT

5. Cook Island Language Week

Cook Island Language Week Celebrations at South Camput

6. AUT South Campus Maori Week Celebrations

Maori Language Week South Campus


Social Media Icons:

7:50pm  / 3 Coffees In


01Can you feel it, Mr Krabs?

10:30pm  / 5.5 Coffees In





lyndapls03I’m getting real tired of your shit, web media.

9:34pm, Wednesday

I feel like I need to give a shout out to the amount of cafine I’ve consumed. You’ll definitely be the first thing I thank in my graduation speech.

I’ve started adding colour to my layout. I’m really not sure what colour to go with, at the moment I’m sticking with blue because thats what AUT is about … but I mean, there are so many colours I could use! Like yellow, or purple .. but not green or red. I mean, AU is blue … I probably should move away from blue.



These are the colours I am currently working with, but here are a few I’ve thought about trying. I think the plan is to make the whole website and then decide on a colour.

ColourP02ColourP03ColourP04But not green .. 😛

ColourP05Let me know what ya’ll think 😉


03 Are you feeling it now, Mr Krabs?


02Art thou feeling it now, Mr Krabs?

But really, what the heck do I do with this damn search section?

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.59.49 pm

Like, please help. I hate it. Thank you. Also I haven’t done the footer yet, don’t judge me. It’s ugly too. That is all.

Thursday, 11:51pm

So I slept through my alarm for ADV so I figured I’d work on web.



I can’t actually believe how long this has taken me.. My god I need to sort my speed of Photoshopping out.. I think I just make everything a lot more difficult than it needs to be .. and I take too many breaks [lets be honest] … now that I’ve got like a basic idea down I guess I can see how the rest of the pages should look.. I mean the homepage was probably going to be the hardest .. So now I can get stuck into the other pages.

Now what page do I want to do next?



Ohh man this one is going to be hard! Basically I don’t think I’, allowed to use the images of the prospectus guides so I need to think of a way to show these without actually showing them..


It’s … okay? I guess … Maybe I’ll feel better about it once I make a few changes.


Mmm, it’s okay … just okay. I’m not overly happy with it but I feel it’s acceptable. I might move away and come back to it.. Yeah




2 thoughts on “Work in Progress Week 2, Can you feel it now, Mr Krabs?

  1. This is fantastic. I can’t even deal, I just did my digital media blog (snore) and I’m all like waaaahh i’ve done no web. Your initial layout is looking amazing, and I like the use of a secondary menu etc, very well played. I also like the banner with the aut logo thing, just looks super balanced on the page 🙂

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