Work in Progress Week 3, I hate it.

So, this week I decided I hate my website. Which is nice.
It’s too contrasted.. I need to bring it down a notch, I’m just not really sure how. I thought about going with the contrasted look but I just don’t really like it. I want to make it less because less is more.

Also, I think an issue with the website is that you should be able to use it like arion, where you can log in and view your results and such.

Today I thought about redesigning arion and not AUTs website but I think I’ve come a little too far for that. I just need to get this website looking better so I don’t hate is as much as I do…. because I really do..

What needs to change:

Search bar: hate, hate hate hate. So ugly! I need to intergrate it more with the page. I wanted to make it a main feature but I would really rather not. I think I need to put it in its rightful place – at the top right of the page.

Menus: Meh, not bad … a bit to stark.. I need a font that isn’t capitalised … but still san serif – to be honest I think I need to change my whole approach. I’ve got menus stacked in a way that makes the ones at the top of the page seem the most used.. Maybe I need to work with size and opacity to emphasise menus but have them closer together?

Hows the rework going? Well!

I’ve basically just ended up changing things around and moving sections to create better flow and overlapping. I’ve also looked a lot more at university websites and what they actually put on their homepage. I think the content I had on mine may have not been the ‘first impression’ content a website homepage needs. So – I started again.

This is what I have so far: (Obviously it’s a work in progress!)

Wednesday, 12:06pm


It’s looking better I feel, but it still needs a lot of work which I’m planning to do today. So, lets get to it.


Slowly getting somewhere …











cropped-tumblr_inline_momhaibxpi1rxdhk51I’ve listened to the same podcast like 4 times today.
Kill me.

Okay, cat vine and then I’m out.


One thought on “Work in Progress Week 3, I hate it.

  1. Please dont hate your website, i think its great. i personally already prefer it much more than our current AUT website.
    -It is much more clean and straight forward.
    -I like your consistency with the sharp square edges.
    -the transparency you have used on the home page over the photo of AUT campus is really nice.
    -however i do this perhaps the contact page is a little too white? perhaps a different colour for the form? or making it more transparent?

    Really nice website, Goodluck 🙂

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