WHAT WEEK IS IT? Work in Progress, Maybe Week 4?

Remember that time the whole week was a blur and I made week 4 and week 5 in the same post because week 5 was a total of like 1 day based on how I do my posts – yeah.

<h1>Bootstrap – <small> Making Everyones Shit Look Like Apple </small></h1>

What am I doing? I had a semi-break down and now I feel better and after remaking my webpage a total of 5 times, I now have something that looks NOTHING like my mock ups!

I think my mock ups display my talent to aim way to high – which is nice. And my current site displays my talent to … do things?


So, I guess I should like, show what I’ve done?

Homepage – yo



Communities page – yo



Major page – yo





Apply page – work in progress, yo.





I might actually finish this assignment … which is nice.
For the time being – I’m just trying to get a layout that I can, and fill it in later.

10:13pm, Next Day or Something?

So – I’m running very low on steam and this assignment is actually effecting my health I’m stressing so much about it, which is nice.
Either way, this is what I have so far – I have work all weekend too which is nice .. means I can’t really work on it too much over the weekend. But yeah

Homepage – no change other than sticky menu.

So now, when you scroll past the second menu it sticks to the top of the page. Woo.



Starting Out



Art and Design
















Now I’ve got a nice framework. The idea of adding styles to this actually threatens my very existence. I’m so tired and so so sick. Staying positive – other than the poor circulation, numb back and butt, aching wrists and lack of actually being able to see anything further than 1meter from me… I’m doing good! I also have no appetite, I’m extremely light-sensitive, I can only see the colours pink, green, yellow and white, when I close my eyes I see code like it’s somehow imprinted on my eyelids … and I now tend to hiss when people approach me… Don’t all Digital Media majors?

I also just stared at my screen for 15min trying to figure out if ‘apply’ was actually a word and if so, how to spell it.




animatedCya nerds, I’m out.
I still hate how my website looks, sadface.






Wednesday, 1:11pm


Just formatting my html but it’s all over now.
So tired. So sleep.


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