Note: I just wanted to spend a little bit of time talking about why my homepage mock-up is so different to my end result. Obviously there are traces of similarities from my mockups to my end result but realistically I had no idea what I was getting myself into with Bootstrap.  I feel like I quite easily could have made this if we were not using bootstrap but it wouldn’t have been responsive. Saying this, I am still proud of what I made, but I would have been a lot happier if it had of looked closer to this – If I had of had more time, and put more research into this assignment early on I probably would have been able to tackle this quite easily. The problem was I aimed to high, and then realised I wasn’t really too sure on what my capabilities were and what the limitations of bootstrap are.  The remaining mock ups are basically me giving in and realising that in order for this to all make sense I needed to just jump into some code. If I was to do the assignment again now with the knowledge I have it would go a lot differently I feel.



I apologise for the state of my final few mockups, I just had little to no idea how I was supposed to design for bootstrap so I basically made basic wireframes. Even after research I just didn’t understand designing for bootstrap. I really needed to look at more bootstrap websites but I just didn’t know where to look.













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