Note: I just wanted to spend a little bit of time talking about why my homepage mock-up is so different to my end result. Obviously there are traces of similarities from my mockups to my end result but realistically I had no idea what I was getting myself into with Bootstrap.  I feel like I quite easily could have made this if we were not using bootstrap but it wouldn’t have been responsive. Saying this, I am still proud of what I made, but I would have been a lot happier if it had of looked closer to this – If I had of had more time, and put more research into this assignment early on I probably would have been able to tackle this quite easily. The problem was I aimed to high, and then realised I wasn’t really too sure on what my capabilities were and what the limitations of bootstrap are.  The remaining mock ups are basically me giving in and realising that in order for this to all make sense I needed to just jump into some code. If I was to do the assignment again now with the knowledge I have it would go a lot differently I feel.



I apologise for the state of my final few mockups, I just had little to no idea how I was supposed to design for bootstrap so I basically made basic wireframes. Even after research I just didn’t understand designing for bootstrap. I really needed to look at more bootstrap websites but I just didn’t know where to look.














 Text Version: 


1.0 Opening Statement: The client, Auckland University of Technology, approached the ‘team’ seeking a functioning concept redesign of their website. Before the client makes any decisions on the final website design, the team has been asked to redesign the content of 6 pages of the clients current website located here:

2.0 Statement of Communication Objectives: The project at hand is a complete rebranding of Auckland University of Technologies (AUT) current promotional webpage. This webpage is primarily used by undergraduates and students returning to study as well as those already studying. Therefore, users are looking for a whole experience of a website encapsulating AUTs forward thinking appeal to it’s target audience of undergraduates and as above. The team intends to redesign the following 6 pages:

1. Homepage (
2. Study at AUT (
3. Being a Student (
4. About AUT (
5. AUT study guides (
6. Contact us (,-contacts-and-campuses)

3.0 Treatment: The current site no longer fills AUTs requirements for branding themselves as a forward thinking top tertiary education provider within New Zealand. With the introduction of it’s new building WG, AUT feels as if their attention should be turned toward their online presence and the way they present themselves to undergraduates and the general public. How the team intends to work with these ideas is to capitalise on icons, grid layout and a minimal palette of colours that appeal to their audience, while still remaining professional. The current website is made in a single column fashion (sometimes dual column). The team feel as if this makes the page seem a lot more sparse. The team believe infinite scroll is a good idea, but intend to limit the scroll, utilising the whole webpage with grid layouts with little scroll. This however may change per webpage as pages such as ‘Auckland University of Technology Study Guides, ( offer a lot of links on one page that need to be displayed in a very specific way. The team plan to make the website a lot more compact than it currently is, while keeping with a consistent design across all webpages. The team also intend for the webpage to move far away from it’s current design and towards something a bit more stylised, and more targeted towards their audience of undergraduates aged 17-24 (primarily female).

3.1 Layout: AUT’s current website layout (as left) is very tight an compact. Our layout treatment proposes we space this layout out and create a more fluid website, enabling a responsive flow for their new website design. This resposivness makes it easier for AUTs website to be accessed on devices such as smartphones and tablets and doesn’t limit their audience. With this in mind, we are aware that AUTs primary user base for their website is people who already go to the university, and the university supplies students with computers that the website will be viewed on. Thats why we aim to take the primary viewer base away from ‘current students’ and move it more towards ‘prospective students’. With 2015 applications to enroll quickly approaching this could not come at any better time.We plan to do this by playing more attention to the layout and placing things on the home page and other pages based on what prospective students want to see.

3.2 Colour: Although a colour scheme is still being worked on at this stage – we can agree that AUTs current colour scheme doesn’t work to well. It is very dark and needs uplifting. AUT’s new website will focus on lighter colours and a more brighter scheme, featuring light tones of orange and blue with a lot of images.

3.3 Logo/Rebranding: AUT has also approached us for a new logo. This will prove challenging as we will need to create something that is versatile – a brand that can be printed on paper in black, and be viewed on a screen in full colour. AUTs current logo is very basic, and works on a very basic level. However if we we’re to create something more eye-catching that could be used in various ways AUT would be open to trying it out if it appeals to them. The following images are logos we are putting forward to AUT for logo rebranding:


94064603.4 Logo/Rebranding Cont: We feel as if this logo works well as it can be used in mutiple ways – as well as on the website we intend to build. It fits in well and could be used to showcase AUTs work on screens, on paper  or on any for of multi-media. As far as the website goes, the black or white verison of the logo as left will be used predominantly to advertise AUTs new brand just in time for 2015 enrolments.

4.0 Components (refer to Sources below): From AUT we require access to their images and text accross their website. Whatever is missing will be filled with ‘placeholder images’ and ‘lorem ipsum’.

5.0 Budget: The project will be completed ‘pro bono’, or free of charge. Any expenses incurred though production are to be paid by the team and/or negotiated with the client. However, the team reserve the following rights: The team reserve the rights to the designs and work produced. This means that if Auckland University of Technology decide not to go with the team, they must relinquish all drafts, concept work and finalised designs so that they may not use them in the future. The team also reserve the right to be accredited to the work. The team may place their logo at a size no greater than 200px x 50px on the webpage to promote themselves as the creators of the design of the website, not the content.


Sources Retrieved from Client (Auckland University of Technology)

AUT WG photos retrieved from:,-contacts-and-campuses/sir-paul-reeves-building

AUT Millenium campus photos retrieved from:

AUT North Shore Campus photos retrieved from:

AUT South Campus photos retrieved from:

Map of City campus retrieved from:

Map of South campus retrieved from:

Map of North Shore campus retrieved from:

Information about Applying to AUT retrieved from:

Information about Communities at AUT retrieved from:

Information about AUT campuses retrieved from:

Information about Bachelor of Art and Design retrieved from:

Information about Starting out at AUT retrieved from:

Video for Starting out at AUT retrieved from:

Video for Orientation at AUT retrieved from:


WHAT WEEK IS IT? Work in Progress, Maybe Week 4?

Remember that time the whole week was a blur and I made week 4 and week 5 in the same post because week 5 was a total of like 1 day based on how I do my posts – yeah.

<h1>Bootstrap – <small> Making Everyones Shit Look Like Apple </small></h1>

What am I doing? I had a semi-break down and now I feel better and after remaking my webpage a total of 5 times, I now have something that looks NOTHING like my mock ups!

I think my mock ups display my talent to aim way to high – which is nice. And my current site displays my talent to … do things?


So, I guess I should like, show what I’ve done?

Homepage – yo



Communities page – yo



Major page – yo





Apply page – work in progress, yo.





I might actually finish this assignment … which is nice.
For the time being – I’m just trying to get a layout that I can, and fill it in later.

10:13pm, Next Day or Something?

So – I’m running very low on steam and this assignment is actually effecting my health I’m stressing so much about it, which is nice.
Either way, this is what I have so far – I have work all weekend too which is nice .. means I can’t really work on it too much over the weekend. But yeah

Homepage – no change other than sticky menu.

So now, when you scroll past the second menu it sticks to the top of the page. Woo.



Starting Out



Art and Design
















Now I’ve got a nice framework. The idea of adding styles to this actually threatens my very existence. I’m so tired and so so sick. Staying positive – other than the poor circulation, numb back and butt, aching wrists and lack of actually being able to see anything further than 1meter from me… I’m doing good! I also have no appetite, I’m extremely light-sensitive, I can only see the colours pink, green, yellow and white, when I close my eyes I see code like it’s somehow imprinted on my eyelids … and I now tend to hiss when people approach me… Don’t all Digital Media majors?

I also just stared at my screen for 15min trying to figure out if ‘apply’ was actually a word and if so, how to spell it.




animatedCya nerds, I’m out.
I still hate how my website looks, sadface.






Wednesday, 1:11pm


Just formatting my html but it’s all over now.
So tired. So sleep.

Work in Progress Week 3, I hate it.

So, this week I decided I hate my website. Which is nice.
It’s too contrasted.. I need to bring it down a notch, I’m just not really sure how. I thought about going with the contrasted look but I just don’t really like it. I want to make it less because less is more.

Also, I think an issue with the website is that you should be able to use it like arion, where you can log in and view your results and such.

Today I thought about redesigning arion and not AUTs website but I think I’ve come a little too far for that. I just need to get this website looking better so I don’t hate is as much as I do…. because I really do..

What needs to change:

Search bar: hate, hate hate hate. So ugly! I need to intergrate it more with the page. I wanted to make it a main feature but I would really rather not. I think I need to put it in its rightful place – at the top right of the page.

Menus: Meh, not bad … a bit to stark.. I need a font that isn’t capitalised … but still san serif – to be honest I think I need to change my whole approach. I’ve got menus stacked in a way that makes the ones at the top of the page seem the most used.. Maybe I need to work with size and opacity to emphasise menus but have them closer together?

Hows the rework going? Well!

I’ve basically just ended up changing things around and moving sections to create better flow and overlapping. I’ve also looked a lot more at university websites and what they actually put on their homepage. I think the content I had on mine may have not been the ‘first impression’ content a website homepage needs. So – I started again.

This is what I have so far: (Obviously it’s a work in progress!)

Wednesday, 12:06pm


It’s looking better I feel, but it still needs a lot of work which I’m planning to do today. So, lets get to it.


Slowly getting somewhere …











cropped-tumblr_inline_momhaibxpi1rxdhk51I’ve listened to the same podcast like 4 times today.
Kill me.

Okay, cat vine and then I’m out.

Work in Progress Week 2, Can you feel it now, Mr Krabs?


Moving on from my wireframes, I thought I work start to fill in the wireframe from the homepage before I started working on the other 5 wireframes.

I’m considering getting most of my images from here: and asking for permission from the Facebook coordinator and seeing what I get. I can always just get some placeholder images off of Flickr if I can’t get permission to use them.

Homepage Wireframe





The header is going to work like a gallery, where the image will rotate and the user can read more about the image. This will replace the average gallery AUT currently has on their website that looks … not great.

Now, to pick some topics and pictures to display here:

  1. Diversity Week

Diversity Week 06

2. Rainbow Youth

Diversity Week 05

3. 3D Lab @ AUT

3D Lab 02

4. Textile Design

Textile Design Lab AUT

5. Cook Island Language Week

Cook Island Language Week Celebrations at South Camput

6. AUT South Campus Maori Week Celebrations

Maori Language Week South Campus


Social Media Icons:

7:50pm  / 3 Coffees In


01Can you feel it, Mr Krabs?

10:30pm  / 5.5 Coffees In





lyndapls03I’m getting real tired of your shit, web media.

9:34pm, Wednesday

I feel like I need to give a shout out to the amount of cafine I’ve consumed. You’ll definitely be the first thing I thank in my graduation speech.

I’ve started adding colour to my layout. I’m really not sure what colour to go with, at the moment I’m sticking with blue because thats what AUT is about … but I mean, there are so many colours I could use! Like yellow, or purple .. but not green or red. I mean, AU is blue … I probably should move away from blue.



These are the colours I am currently working with, but here are a few I’ve thought about trying. I think the plan is to make the whole website and then decide on a colour.

ColourP02ColourP03ColourP04But not green .. 😛

ColourP05Let me know what ya’ll think 😉


03 Are you feeling it now, Mr Krabs?


02Art thou feeling it now, Mr Krabs?

But really, what the heck do I do with this damn search section?

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.59.49 pm

Like, please help. I hate it. Thank you. Also I haven’t done the footer yet, don’t judge me. It’s ugly too. That is all.

Thursday, 11:51pm

So I slept through my alarm for ADV so I figured I’d work on web.



I can’t actually believe how long this has taken me.. My god I need to sort my speed of Photoshopping out.. I think I just make everything a lot more difficult than it needs to be .. and I take too many breaks [lets be honest] … now that I’ve got like a basic idea down I guess I can see how the rest of the pages should look.. I mean the homepage was probably going to be the hardest .. So now I can get stuck into the other pages.

Now what page do I want to do next?



Ohh man this one is going to be hard! Basically I don’t think I’, allowed to use the images of the prospectus guides so I need to think of a way to show these without actually showing them..


It’s … okay? I guess … Maybe I’ll feel better about it once I make a few changes.


Mmm, it’s okay … just okay. I’m not overly happy with it but I feel it’s acceptable. I might move away and come back to it.. Yeah



Research Post 1: Content Research

A lot of the thinking of this is looked at in WIP Week 1 (located here: ) If anything is missing, or unexplained check there.

A not only obvious, but good place to start when re-designing a website is to sit back and ask: What content needs to be displayed here?
A few vital questions surge, what content isn’t here that needs to be? If I had a real client I would ask this, but (un)fortunately I don’t. So, the questions remain at:
What content/information needs to be displayed within the parameters of the page?
What content is most important? / What content has the viewer come here to see?
What content (if any) doesn’t need to be here?
and is anything of importance missing?

Okay, so lets see what sort of information we are presented with. When you Google AUT you get this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.52.59 am

We could assume this is all important information. Obviously here you get caught in the trap of redisplaying all of this information that the user already has on the actual website, or trying to justify the lesser importance paid to information such as the phone number as users already have this information from initially Googling. I think for the sake of being an assignment I will ignore that Google gives you this information and assume that the user had just the URL. Either way, this is relevant information as this is obviously what AUT wants to promote the most.

The Homepage:

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.02.32 pm

Theres actually quite a bit of information displayed here, its just not displayed in large blocks of text, more visually. This page is basically just going to be navigated from depending on what the user is looking for. I’m not too partial the idea of using the first page as a keeping up to date with AUT page, like some sort of newsfeed. The reason I don’t think this is an effective use of the homepage is that if someone really wanted this information they would probably like AUT on Facebook or something. This information is given to users much more effectively through social networking. Gets me thinking, maybe I need a twitter feed? Maybe I need to embed a few of AUTs social networking into the homepage? Lets see what they have

Social Networking


Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.08.48 pm



Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.11.06 pm



Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.13.51 pm



Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.16.27 pm


It could perhaps be an idea to have both a social networking bar, as well as a subscribe bar, or maybe even instead of. Either way, social networking will need to be addressed in the content of the webpage if I intend to remove it from the homepage.

So what really needs to be on the homepage?

Navigation: Obviously there needs to be the navigational menu which has really waaaay to much information crammed into it (or too many navigational options). This is probably not something that can be changed. There also needs to be the navigation bar to Arion, AUT online and maybe Blackboard? There also needs to be a search bar that I think needs to be a main thing of the homepage as obviously you’re coming here to find something else. There is also this weird ‘Quick Links’, which I think is more of a directory which is also really cool, but could be perhaps a main feature of the page, not so much a navigational bar but a row of icons? Like:


but obviously relative to what the link is, like a book for study areas or library, a map for campuses and a phone for staff directory. There also needs to be a better footer. The layout is pretty horrible and the social media bar is way to big, I think it’s just filling space. Also, the footer text is way to big, and disjointed, it just doesn’t flow nicely. I’m not sure what I’ll do about this.. I think I would remove the Home, Quicklinks, Connect, Contact and Current Students section as this is displayed on the page, literally one mouse wheel roll away, probably even half. It’s sort of silly to have it twice.

I’ve noticed the big ‘Copyright, 2014’ so I guess I’ll be using Ipsum for most of the text. Great.

I could write my own, but it’s not so much about that. I think I will ask Matt if it is okay for me to use Ipsum for this assignment, seems like it may be a little bit of a copout.

Homepage Content

Links Menu and Descriptions :hovers
Arion, AUT Online and UniCentral links
Arion: Where applying and enrolled students can access AUT course information, check your enrolment status, make fee payments, update your personal details and view your academic results.
AUTOnline: Online access to course resources and learning activities through AUT’s central learning management system.
Unicentral: UniCentral is the AUT University Student Portal. Here you will find useful information about you as a student and quicklinks to all the important online systems you will need to use while studying at AUT University.

Main Menu (Over Image)

  • Prospective Students (Study at AUT)
  • Postgraduate Study
  • International Students
  • Current (Returning) Students
  • Staff
  • Prospective Staff
  • Apply for 2015

Secondary Menu (Half way down page)

  • Home
  • Study
  • Courses
  • Departments
  • Students
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Contact

Quick Links Menu:

  • Study Areas
  • Library
  • Campuses
  • Community
  • Staff Directory
  • Careers at AUT

Footer Menu:

  • About AUT
  • Contact Us 
    • Hours
    • Freephone
    • Text
    • Email
    • Staff Directory

Social Networking Menu (icons):

  • Contact us
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Instagram (pending)

Search Website (top of page)

Course Search (Search Bar 1)

  • Students must select which campus
  • Placeholder text (e.g. Communications)
  • Must have a ‘View All’ Button
  • Must select qualification level
    • Bachelor Degrees
    • Conjoint Bachelor Degrees
    • Bachelor Degree with Honours
    • Masters
    • Doctorates
    • Certificates
    • Diplomas
    • Graduate Certificates
    • Graduate Diplomas
    • Postgraduate Certificates
    • Post Graduate Diplomas
  • Must select year
    • 2015
    • 2014

Scholarship and Award Search (Search Bar 2)

  • Must have a view all button
  • placeholder text ‘e.g Psychology’
  • User must select campus
  • must select level of study
    • Post graduate
    • Undergraduate

News Feature:



First-in-Family Scholarships to open the door for university study


23 Sep 2014

The Woolf Fisher Trust and the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) have combined to establish the Woolf Fisher First-in-Family AUT Scholarships to support and encourage young people from families with no history of successful university education to complete a university degree.


BMW Group joins AUT InterNZ Programme


18 Sep 2014

Eleven lucky AUT graduates will be winging their way to the United States early in 2015 to take up paid internships as part of the expanded AUT interNZ programme. Launched in 2013, the programme gives AUT graduates an opportunity to experience the changing world through workplace scholarships in US-based businesses.

This year, BMW of North America joins a group of industry-leading brands and will offer two six-month internships at its regional sales and distribution campus in New Jersey. This is the first partnership of its type for the Group with a university in the southern hemisphere.


AUT University opens new centre to boost NZ science and tech education

STEM-TEC Group Shot

18 Sep 2014

Improving the entrepreneurial skills of tertiary students is one of the 15 live education projects at the new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Tertiary Education Centre (STEM-TEC) at AUT University.  To achieve this, the project is currently establishing a STEM Student Entrepreneurs Club to encourage graduates to stimulate innovation in the New Zealand tech sector.


New book integral to promoting Pacific research

Professor Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop

16 Sep 2014

A new book edited by Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Professor of Pacific Studies Tagaloatele Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop, and University of Auckland Associate Professor Eve Coxon brings together the work of Pacific researchers across New Zealand universities, raising their profile and the issues facing Pacific communities in New Zealand and overseas.


AUT Professor named a finalist in NZ Innovators Awards 2014

Valery Feigin

16 Sep 2014

AUT University Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology Valery Feigin has been announced as a finalist in two categories of the New Zealand Innovators Awards 2014 – ‘Innovation in Health and Science’ and ‘Most Inspiring Individual’.

 Opportunities Feature:

AvroKO Hospitality Group, New York

SUITED TO CANDIDATES:  Graduating with Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing, Design, Advertising and/or Sales or Bachelor of Communications Studies (may be also good for a Hospitality Management graduate with less of an operations more of an administrative interest).
WORK MAY INCLUDE: Work with the marketing and new business development teams on existing & future AHG venues and client projects. Marketing: database building & management, social media strategy & monitoring, participation in off-site events, event planning and production, collateral production and maintenance. Proficiency in Adobe (Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign) required. New Business Development: research of new opportunities, information gathering, reporting, meeting management and coordination.
PREFERRED DATES:  12 weeks, starting late January 2015 through to late March (with some flexibility).

BMW North America, New Jersey

WORK MAY INCLUDE: Competitor and consumer insight analysis to identify market trends, assisting with retail implementation project management and assisting the region with quarterly market reviews.
SUITED TO CANDIDATES: Bachelor graduates in Business majoring in Sales, Business Information Systems, Retailing or Marketing or graduates from other degree programmes with strong analytical skills and a passion for the motor industry.
To be eligible for this role, you must be an undergraduate in your senior year (Bachelor or Master) or completing your Bachelors degree in 2014 and be intending to continue with post-graduate study in 2016. We are looking for two graduates, one starting in March and one in September.
PREFERRED DATES:  approx. 27 weeks (6 months) per internship, One from March to September/beginning October 2015, the other from September/ beginning October 2015 to March 2016. There will be an overlap of two weeks with these roles.

Kiwi Landing Pad, San Francisco 

WORK MAY INCLUDE: Supporting marketing and communications for Kiwi Landing Pad and its tenants, through a range of activities, in particular social media where a keen interest is vital. Working alongside some of New Zealand’s top entrepreneurs and start up technology companies, this role offers a unique insight into Silicon Valley and the role marketing and communications plays.
SUITED TO CANDIDATES: Graduating with Bachelor of Business or Communications Studies.
PREFERRED DATES: 12 weeks, starting late January 2015.

Paramount Recording Studios, Los Angeles

WORK MAY INCLUDE: Assisting studio staff with general daily duties to maintain the regular operations of the studios. Students with a strong interest in the music business preferred.
SUITED TO CANDIDATES: Graduating with Bachelor of Creative Technologies or Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences
PREFERRED DATES: 8 weeks, starting January, 2014 (up to four days per week).

Play Rugby USA, New York

SUITED TO CANDIDATES: Graduating with Bachelor of Sport and Recreation or Bachelor of Communications Studies. Applicants with experience in rugby are preferred.
WORK WILL INCLUDE: Half of this role will be office-based and the other half coaching, combining communications and technology skills with coaching, tutoring and mentoring youth in the afternoons.  Office work will have a specific focus on enriching the organisation’s communications platform, creating cohesive content and more effectively integrating & maximizing the potential impact of social media.
PREFERRED DATES: 12 weeks, starting January 2015 (with some flexibility).

PUBLIC Restaurant, New York

SUITED TO CANDIDATES:  Graduating with Bachelor of International Hospitality Management.
WORK MAY INCLUDE: Restaurant front of house operations (serving, hosting, management trails, training and support, scheduling, staff training, review and development); Corporate Office (marketing and PR, payroll, purchasing, budgets). Restaurant back of house operations (culinary stages, menu development and costing, kitchen staffing and purchasing).
PREFERRED DATES:  12 weeks, starting late January 2015 through to late March (with some flexibility).

Red Antler, New York

WORK WILL INCLUDE: Assistance with web design. Applicants with an interest or experience in web design, user interface, and interaction or user experience design are preferred.
SUITED TO CANDIDATES: Graduating with Bachelor of Creative Technologies, Bachelor of Design or Bachelor of Communication Studies with an interest or experience in web design, user interface, and interaction or user experience design. Candidates interested in this role are invited to submit samples of work so Red Antler can get a sense of your design style and identify the type of work you would be suited to.
PREFERRED DATES:  13 weeks, starting 2 February, 2015.

Saatchi & Saatchi NY, New York

WORK MAY INCLUDE: Assisting a range of teams from various departments including creative, advertising, marketing and design.  Candidate’s strengths will be suited to one or more of these departments so the ability to be flexible and adaptable is ideal with a passion to learn essential.
SUITED TO CANDIDATES: Graduating with Bachelor of Business majoring in Advertising, Design, Marketing; Bachelor of Communications Studies majoring in Advertising Creativity, Digital Media or Bachelor of Design majoring in Digital Design, Graphic Design.
PREFERRED DATES: 12 weeks, starting late January, 2015.

Westpac Americas, New York

WORK MAY INCLUDE: General assistance to Westpac’s team in New York City, a fairly small but focused office, offering the suitable candidate insight into the global financial markets.
SUITED TO CANDIDATES:  Graduating with Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting or Finance.
PREFERRED DATES: 12 weeks, starting January, 2015.

Zolfo Cooper, New York

WORK MAY INCLUDE: With supervision, you may have the opportunity to work with a team in a variety of activities throughout  the restructuring process including building and analysing financial models, preparation of filing for and exiting Chapter 11, preparation and review of business plans, due diligence process. You may support senior members of the firm with research, proposals and pitches or monitor various industry publications and sources to identify troubled companies. You might analyze financial and industry data to research specific issues for targeted companies and maintain reports regarding the status of troubled companies and the firms related marketing efforts for those companies on the watch list. You will adhere to the highest degree of professional standards and maintain strict client confidentiality.
SUITED TO CANDIDATES:  Graduating with Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting, Business Information Systems, Economics, Finance, International Business, Management.
PREFERRED DATES:  8 weeks, starting January, 2015.


Study at AUT / Being a Student

How many links can we fit on one page? Let’s find out.
I would really like to use the content from this page but I don’t think I can, so back to ipsum we go. I will use the headers however.
I think I will go with the idea of icons again and separating the page into a grid layout, not bullet points. I also need a new navigation menu for Enquire, Apply, Email and Print, while keeping the main menu bar that doesn’t move through out the pages (I guess I’ll need a common CSS).

Also, on this page there is no big ugly footer (whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?) This one looks much nicer. [Side Note: I giggled when the last updated date was Valentines day, aint nobody got time for <3] There is not a lot to this page, and I imagine that there wont be too much to the other pages similarly, just changing the names of the links and where they go and rearranging some ipsum.




Guides 2014

This page is basically just links to download the PDF prospectus guides for AUT (22). What I would like to do is make this a grid as well with small captions underneath with a link to that books page on the website. I feel like this page is under utilised and could be a lot cooler as well as offer a lot more information to students. There isn’t really a lot to say here, I will still have common styles as well as a footer and a header, which this page lacks. Either way, the content for this page will be all of the guides laid out in a similar fashion.




Contact Information and About AUT

I feel like this is most definitely going to be the hardest page to layout. There is a lot of information here, which is pretty much all needed. I think I need to make a basic layout for one contact information set, and then multiply to use as a template. As for the facts and figures, this is going to need to be in a table, just the table will look a lot nicer. Same thing goes with this page, needing the navigational menus and probably the same footer throughout the whole website. There is some information here that is missing – I would like to add the location (like a map) of where AUT is. I will do this by embedding Google Maps.